Silk Mitten Reduces Abrasion

What’s the best way to protect delicate skin from the harmful effects of scratching? Cutting back on abrasion! The problem with fingernails, fingertips, and tools being used by children to fight the itch is that they break through skin layers causing damage, infection, inflammation, and more itching. By creating a smooth, soft barrier between the hands and the skin there is less abrasion and no damage to the skin.

ScratchMeNot™ mittens provide two layers of soft, smooth material to help prevent abrasion. The external silk layer is soothing and cool to the skin which can alleviate itching without damage when kids try to scratch. The gentle bamboo, cotton, and lycra insides rub against the silk so prevent friction and abrasion from ever hitting the skin.


Kids with eczema itch, but ScratchMeNot™ mittens can help take away the damaging effects of scratching with none of the hassle.