ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeve Functionality

When it comes to healing and protecting your child’s skin from eczema, clothing is the first line of defense. Lucky for us all, ScratchMeNot™ flip mittens make it easy by providing clothing for eczema that goes where you go with none of the hassle.

The ScratchMeNot™ flip mittens work by providing special, lightweight sleeves that surround your child’s hands while also giving them lots of freedom to move. If your child scratches, the soft bamboo and cotton fabrics create a gentle barrier that protects against fingernails and dirty hands. You’ll find a smooth layer of silk that rubs against the soft fabric when your child scratches, satiating their need to scratch while also soothing them.


When the mittens are closed your child is given full protection, but if you want their fingers and hands to be free for games, eating, or other activities, all you do is flip the fabric end and you’re done! It takes literally seconds to make the change, and you can even do it with one hand. There is no other mitten sleeve on the market with both open and closable mittens.

The ScratchMeNot™ flip mittens are super easy for parents to put on, but nearly impossible for kids to get off. They make a great replacement for bigger clothing for eczema since they can be work right over whatever outfit your child has on for the day.

The full line of slip mittens is available in a dazzling array of vibrant colors and fun patterns and are now available in sizes from 6 months right through to 6 years!