ScratchMeNot Flip Mitten Sleeve Benefits

When you’ve already gone through every cream and ointment, tried every diet, eliminated every allergen, and dealt with countless scratches and infections – you may feel like there’s simply nothing you can do to help your child get the comfort and healing they deserve. The good news is that there are options, and ScratchMeNot™ Flip Mitten Sleeves are one of the best. These easy to use sleeves help keep children all the way up to 6years of age from using their own hands against themselves. The sleeves provide a safe, comfortable, and non-restrictive way for kids to go on all of life’s many adventures without the ability to scratch or cause harm.

ScratchMeNot™ mittens are created using high quality cotton and bamboo fabrics that are gentle on the skin and extremely comforting to the touch. The sleeves take just seconds to put on, and are almost impossible for your child to get off. The flip mitten design means that during playtime or naptime, you can have hands safely tucked away. When hands are needed, you simply flip the mitten back and fingers are free to help your child explore and learn.


If daytime and playtime scratching, hair pulling, eye gouging, picking, or other issues are causing problems for your child, ScratchMeNot™ mittens are the perfect solution! They come in a variety of joyful colors and designs, and they’re easy to pack in bags, wash, and work with.

See the ScratchMeNot™ mittens in action by clicking here.