One size saves money

Clothes and sleeping bags are one of the biggest expenses as kids grow. It seems that just when you get the perfectly fitting bag home, your kids have outgrown it! The expenses add up when you choose quality fabrics and materials and have to replace them every few months. In order to help your family save money without cutting back on quality and comfort, we’ve designed and constructed the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ to fit your child perfectly for the first 2 or more years of their life. Can you imagine having one piece of bedding and clothing in one that they simply won’t grow out of for that long? Since most kids are diagnosed with eczema around the 6 month mark, we’ve created a one size baby sleeping bag that fits their size perfectly and accommodates their healthy growth over the years.


The innovative design of the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ allows for the sleeves to grow with your child. As they become bigger, the Adjust-A-Sleeve™ design can be folded out to make more room. When your child is at their smallest or when they grow, the bag looks and feels perfectly!

Our one size baby sleeping bags also work with the growing length of your child’s legs. The base of the bag can be folded under or tucked into the mattress of their cots as is suggested by SIDS for Kids. As your child grows, they can be given more leg room so that they feel comfortable and safe. Tucked fabric will help keep your child still while they sleep and it makes a great transition from tighter swaddling. For older children, a simple tuck helps them feel perfectly held so that they can drift off to sleep faster and stay that way all night.

The bamboo Bubby Bag™ will fit children from sizes 6 months to 2+ years. Many children as old as 3 years of age can still fit in their sleeping bags! We suggest using our sleeping bags once your children have outgrown swaddling and start moving more during sleep.