Keep hands warm

Stop your baby waking from cold hands!

If your baby has cold hands, chances are you’ve been woken up numerous times with their cries of discomfort. Cold hands can be an extremely distressing feeling for children, and it can be hard for them to figure out how to bundle up to solve the issue on their own. Since hands are usually the first things that get out of a warm bundle of blankets, parents have to take extra steps to avoid it. The Bamboo Bubby Bag™ helps by keeping hands and feet safely inside the bamboo and cotton blend sleeping bag. They can’t get out, but they don’t feel restricted or trapped!


The Adjust-A-Sleeve™ design keeps hands warm and soothed without the need to swaddling on older children. It also helps keep the hands in the same environment as the rest of the body so that they can be warmed with ambient body heat. Feet are also tucked away safe and sound where they’ll be warm with room to stretch and turn.

Research and experience has shown that children who are properly wrapped, swaddled, or blanketed will sleep better. The issue is that a tight swaddle is often too constricting as kids grow, and blankets can fail as kids move during the night. The bamboo Bubby Bag™ solves these issues and many others while giving you and your child the restful night’s sleep you need.