Flexible Open AND Closable Mitten

Why bother with putting on gloves for eczema, taking them off, and keeping track of them when you can use just one product to give freedom and protection whenever you need it? ScratchMeNot™ flip mittens are the perfect solution for kids with eczema and other kin issues who scratch. These simple and effective mittens make it easy for adults to control when fingers are free or when they’re safely tucked away from sensitive skin.

When it’s time for play, the end of the mittens can be flipped open to let hands and fingers out. When protection is needed during car rides, movies, shopping, or even naps, the mittens can be closed in seconds with another flip of the mitten ends.


ScratchMeNot™ flip mittens have been used successfully by parents across the world to help create a soft, gentle barrier between scratching fingers and delicate skin. They help ensure that eczema flare up zones are left alone, and that any interaction your child may have with the area is gentle and safe.