Cot linen alternative

Baby Sleeping Bags Are A Safe Cot Linen Alternative

Why spend money and time layering your child’s cot in the right high-end bamboo and cotton sheets and linens when just one Bamboo Bubby Bag™ will do the trick? We’ve designed our gentle and comfortable sleepers to literally take the place of conventional bedding so that you only have to have one item of concern that touches your child’s delicate skin. Since bamboo sheets can be an extreme investment, the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ makes a safe, simple, and effective alternative that will pamper your child and make life a whole lot easier for you.

bamboo sheets

Each Bamboo Bubby Bag™ makes a great alternative to traditional baby bedding because they’re made from a special blend of bamboo and organic cotton fabrics. These materials are soft to the touch – and they offer some pretty impressive benefits for your child’s skin. They wick moisture, keep skin cool, retain just the right amount of comforting body heat, and stay cleaner than other types of fabrics.
Especially when eczema is an issue, choosing the right fabrics can make the difference in overall health and wellness.

Safety is a major factor in the design and construction of Bamboo Bubby Bags™. Loose sheets pose a suffocating and choking threat, but our sleepers stay out of your child’s face while covering all of their delicate skin. The sleepers also help keep your child cozy and protected all night, and they help cut down on how much tossing and turning your child has to do to stay warm.

If you’re a fan of bamboo linen and cotton fabrics, you already know how amazing these materials are for delicate skin. Having just one Bamboo Bubby Bag™ on hand makes it simple for you to always place the best against your little one’s sensitive skin.

bamboo sheets