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Sleep is essential, but if your family is caring for a child with eczema, chances are they aren’t getting enough of it – and neither are you! The constant itching of eczema flare ups leaves both babies and toddlers scratching and uncomfortable which can cause damage to skin and sleepless nights. If this sounds familiar to you, we’ve got good news! The Bamboo Bubby Bag can help protect your child’s skin, stop scratching patterns, and help them feel comfortable and relaxed so that they finally get a good night’s sleep.

The Bamboo Bubby Bag is the only sleeping bag that’s been designed and built just for children who struggle with eczema. Made from a soft and gentle blend of bamboo and cotton, the Adjust-A-Sleeve feature will help keep baby and their skin safe so they can drift off to restful sleep. And so can you!

When scratching is part of an eczema flare up, a cycle is created that makes things go from bad to worse. A child feels the itch of eczema, scratches it, irritated already delicate skin, and creates even more itching. This same cycle can also lead to infections, skin damage, stress and anxiety, and a weakened immune system – none of the things we want our little ones to deal with. The unique design of the Bamboo Bubby Bag and the high-end materials they’re made of help offer your child the best in protection and comfort so that you can all east easy.

When my own son was just six months old he was diagnosed with eczema. After struggling with every technique, tip, and trick I could find to help his skin heal and his body and mind get the rest they need, I created the Bamboo Bubby Bag as a solution. I tried a variety of designs and fabrics and finally settled on bamboo and cotton as they are light, breathable, super easy to clean, durable, and suggested for delicate skin. I added hand covers to keep his hands away from itchy areas, and the perfect eczema sleeping bag was born! 


Whether your child is dealing with mild to severe eczema, psoriasis, chicken pox, dry skin, dermatitis, allergic reactions, sensory processing disorder, or even thumb sucking – I believe that the Bamboo Bubby Bag™ can help!
Stop the scratch and help your child heal naturally by giving them relief, comfort, and the best night’s sleep ever!

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